Calendar of Events

JUNE 2019
June 5                           Sharing (guided discussion & sharing following a 15 minute presentation on “Laity in the Church & in Our Community”)
June 19                         Formation “Head, Heart & Hands”- A panel of sisters will be presenting on the patron saints of Women Youth Apostles which inform our spirituality, community life and apostolate.

JULY 2019
July 3                            Sharing 
July 17                          Formation Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration with reflection “God Speaks”. Confessions available.

August 7                       Sharing 
August 21                     FormationFaith Connections in a Digital Age”- Full member sister Fatima Perez will be presenting on how we can use social media to begin an encounter and build human connection with one another.

September 4                Sharing 
September 18              Formation “Relational Ministry”. This presentation will be given by the Assistant Director of the Office of Youth, Campus and Young Adult Ministry in the Arlington Diocese, Christine Najarian.

October 2                     Sharing 
October 16                   Formation Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration with reflection on “Truth”. Confessions available.

November 6                 Sharing 
November 20               Formation “Healthy Relationships”- Youth Apostle brother Michael Power will be presenting on this topic.



*Exception to routine occurrence for this event. Meetings are moved to a different week of the month when a significant number of conflicts are anticipated due to holidays, other community events, or ministry events in which a large number of members are involved.