Calendar of Events

December 5               Diocesan Appreciation Dinner
December 6               Sharing
December 20             Formation

January 2               No First Tuesday due to Youth Apostle Retreat
January 10*           Closed Meeting
January 17             Formation
January 31              ST. JOHN BOSCO

February 6                First Tuesday Seminar
February 8-11           WoYA Annual Retreat
February 21             Formation

MARCH 2018
March 6                    First Tuesday Seminar
March 7                    Sharing
March 21                  Formation
March 24                  Palm Sunday Potluck (TBD)

APRIL 2018
April 4                      Sharing
April 10                    Diocesan Deeper Waters Seminar
April 18                    Formation
April 21                    BASH

MAY 2018
May 1                        First Tuesday Seminar
May 2                        Sharing
May 16                      Formation

JUNE 2018
June 5                       First Tuesday Seminar
June 6                       Sharing
June 20                     Formation
June 23-29               Diocesan WorkCamp

*Exception to routine occurrence for this event. Meetings are moved to a different week of the month when a significant number of conflicts are anticipated due to holidays, other community events, or ministry events in which a large number of members are involved.