Mass & Breakfast

Every Saturday morning we join our brothers at the Youth Apostle McLean House for Mass with Morning Prayer and breakfast. Attendance is not required for either community, but it is a great way to begin the weekend in prayer, catch up with brothers and sisters in community, laugh, and encourage each other in ministry.

Often married community members will bring their young children. It’s a great opportunity  for children to see their parent’s faith modeled outside the home. Surrounded by single and consecrated community members, married members often find a small break since plenty of other adults are around and happy to help their little ones. And everyone is enriched by the warmth and joy of family and community life.

Members of Women Youth Apostles, Youth Apostles, and friends are welcome to attend. On the rare occasion Mass & Breakfast is canceled, the event will be removed from the list of upcoming events.

Day & Time: Saturdays at 8:30am
Location: Youth Apostle McLean House, 1600 Carlin Lane, McLean, VA 22101
Questions? Email us at