August Reflection

Recently our three consecrated sisters had the chance to attend Mass at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Savannah, Georgia. This beautiful gothic cathedral is a popular stop along the city’s many trolley and carriage tours. As we approached the steps, dozens of people were gathering outside. It was 11:45am and a sign posted outside the main doors explained the outdoor gathering. The cathedral was closed for touring during worship.

I bounded up the steps confident that we were welcome to enter for Mass. I was eager to enter the beauty of this sanctuary but also struck by the reality that it simply was my childlike approach that granted immediate access to my Father’s House simply because I was a pilgrim, not a tourist. Part of me wanted to run back outside and shout to the crowds, “You can have it all, all the beauty you came to see and more! Enter, not just with the hopes of delighting your eyes, but also your soul. If you can imagine desiring more than you came here for, then all that and more is at your fingertips.”

Today, I pray that each of us learn to desire more, so that with the heart of a child we can receive everything Our Heavenly Father wants to shower upon us.

Sincerely in Christ,

Tiffany Lambert
Directress, Women Youth Apostles

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