Apostolic Life

Style of Ministry

What makes any religious community stand out from another is the charism to which they are devoted to and the particular way in which that charism is lived. As Women Youth Apostles, we exist to serve and bring Young People closer to Christ through relational ministry in the outpouring and giving of ourselves.  Through complete and total dedication to walking along side of each teen, we meet them where they are and support them in all they do. This includes being attentive and listening during sharing, and attending games, plays, and outings that are important to our teens. We strive to do ministry along side other sisters, and our brothers in Youth Apostles, and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit working through our General Council. As Women Youth Apostles, we seek to follow the New Evangelization in all that we do, always encountering the Truth of Christ in the Eucharist, having the freedom to Love as he loved, and care for our fellow Christians by reaching out to others to encourage them to do the same. 

Parish Youth Ministry

Having our style of ministry integrated into the parish youth ministry programs of each parish is crucial. We serve Jr. High boys and girls in grades 6-8 and High School boys and girls in grades 9-12. In working with the Directors of Youth Ministries of the parish, we strive to implement prayer, formation, community, and fun into the lives of the teens and make youth nights a source of hope and encouragement in their faith journeys.

Our community along with our brothers in Youth Apostles most notably strive to implement Catholic Life Communities (CLC) into our parishes. This is a single-sex high school small group community that meets on a weekly basis to discuss topics of faith, meditate on scripture, and have a space for deep sharing about life. This ministry is at the core of who we are as Women Youth Apostles and one that we believe will prepare high school teens to enter into young adulthood with Christ as their center.

Diocesan Youth Ministry

The Office of Youth, Campus, and Young Adult Ministries of the Diocese of Arlington are a huge support to our mission of bringing young people to Christ. This Office assists Directors of Youth Ministry and their volunteers to incorporate young people into the life of the parish and their own youth groups. This is done though large events, trainings and other resources, all of which most of our sisters take part in. The large events include High School Rally, Middle School Bash, Life is VERY Good, March for Life, and High School WorkCamp. The Diocese also provides free of charge a Youth Ministry Certificate program, which anyone can be a part of. Finally, they also provide effective catechesis materials, events for Catholic Scouting, and most importantly, they are dedicated to praying for us and the young people we serve.

College Campus Ministry

Three of our brother Youth Apostle priests serve as Chaplains or Assistant Chaplains at Universities in the Virginia Area. We as Women Youth Apostles strive to support them in any way we can though discussion, presence, and assistance in faith formation programs within these Campus ministry programs.

Young Adult Ministry

The Diocese of Arlington has an amazing Young Adult presence and the Office of Youth, Campus, and Young Adult Ministries strives to support them in any way they can. This includes many “Theology on Tap” sessions, praise and worship services, social gatherings, bible studies, and faith talk series. This is also incorporated into the parishes that we are apart of and many of our sisters aim to be involved in these events to outreach and evangelize to young adult women.