Spiritual Life

Truth, Freedom and Care

As members of this community, we are dedicated to living out the ultimate values of Truth, Freedom, and Care in service to young people. Being Sisters who live in the Truth gives us the freedom to love as He loved and it is through the Catholic Church that we come to know this Truth. The Eucharist is the source of our love and the Sacrament of Penance gives us true and total freedom.


Our community thrives off frequent communication with our Lord in prayer. As individuals and most preferably in Communion, we are called to recite the Angelus at the beginning of each day to call upon the mystery of the Incarnation in our daily lives. In addition, we are encouraged to pray the Liturgy of the Hours (Morning Prayer, Evening, and Night Prayer), the Most Holy Rosary, and do personal formational spiritual reading.

Liturgical Life

Women Youth Apostles is a community that strives to put Christ at the center of all we do, most especially in participating in Sacred Liturgy. We strive to attend Daily Mass as much as possible, and to ensure that we fulfill our Sunday obligation every week. We join our brothers in Youth Apostles for Mass every Saturday morning. Our Sharing and Formation meetings at the Women Youth Apostle House begin with the Mass. Receiving Christ in Holy Eucharist is our strength in carrying out our mission to Young People.