October’s First Tuesday and Second Saturday Reminders

Just a quick reminder about our monthly youth ministry First Tuesday seminar, which will take place tomorrow, October 7. We look forward to seeing you at the Youth Apostles House! As usual, please join us for 7:30pm Mass, 8:30pm seminar, and refreshments afterwards. Eduardo Azcarate will be leading our discussion focusing on Romans 7: the Flesh vs. the Spirit. We’ll look at how to deal with this struggle in order to grow in virtue, emphasizing to our youth the need to focus on their giftedness and recognize their “fundamental option.”

This month’s Second Saturday topic will be on the “Call to Marriage, Family, and Community.” Mike Paquette will be our speaker. Please read this article on the parents of one of our patron saints (St. Therese, whose feast we just celebrated!), Louis and Zelie Martin. Happy reading! And as always, Mass will begin at 8:30pm, followed by breakfast and formation.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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